Why Memphis… Why Now?

Memphis is definitely a RENTAL  city, with up to 60% of the houses being rentals.

  • Huge tenant demand, we can pick and choose the cream of the crop renters for our investors
  • Our firm offers a 100% Guarantee of Rental Income for first 12 months of ownership
  • Many quality brick houses in stable rental areas
  • Rental income, because of the tenant demand investors is very consistent and stable… seeing high rental incomes
  • Passive Investments.. We locate the houses, renovate them, place quality tenants, manage property… SEND YOU MONTHLY CHECKS.
  • Equity – our houses are priced at no more than 80% ARV (after repair value)
  • Renovations — to “Better Than New Condition” Offering you less on going maintenance after first year
  • We offer a 100% Guarantee of Maintenance … because of the way we renovate, we can guarantee the maintenance for first 12 months of ownership
  • HIGH ROI’s – most of our houses show a ROI exceeding 15% up to 18%… little better than stocks, mutual funds, savings.. whatever
  • Investing in REAL ESTATE in MEMPHIS  is most likely the BEST investment opportunity bar none.  You gain cash flow, tax deductions, equity, and more.  .. see your accountant for much more information.


WHY MEMPHIS INVESTMENT HOUSES?  Compare Us to our competition… The choice is easy… isn’t it…

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